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Sealy Supporting South Africa

Sealy Supporting South Africa

Sealy South Africa, committed to local manufacturing
Local manufacturing is key for a vibrant economy

When you buy local, it stays local. More jobs are created, communities prosper and there is a positive impact on the environment. Manufacturing thousands of beds daily, Sealy believes in the importance of doing business in South Africa.

“Sealy was launched in 1967 in South Africa, when we were awarded the USA license to manufacture in our Johannesburg factory. We’ve always been passionate about sustainability and local manufacturing,” says Sealy brand executive, Riaan Strydom. Sealy, with a South African heritage spanning more than 50 years, is a brand manufactured by Bravo Brands Sleep Products. With seven factories in South Africa, Bravo Brands is home to many of the country’s most beloved brands in the lounge and bedding categories, including Sealy South Africa.

“Bravo Brands is proud to be the employer of over 3000 local employees and a passionate supporter of South African families for more than 120 years,” adds Strydom.

Sealy South Africa has state of the art manufacturing facilities in Johannesburg, Cape Town, KwaZulu Natal and Windhoek. “Our products are manufactured locally, and raw materials are sourced from local suppliers,” Strydom explains. “When you order a Sealy mattress, it is hand crafted to precision in our factories, made with steel milled in South Africa, materials sourced locally and timber from sustainable local plantations. Our beds are delivered to almost 3000 South African-owned bed retailer doors throughout the country.”

When consumers support local businesses and products, it’s more than a feel-good display of patriotism. Buying local has a profound impact on the economy because the money spent stays in the country and our communities, and the economy gets a much-needed boost.

“By purchasing a South African made product, you encourage local growth by supporting job creation,” says Strydom. “Additionally, the money you spend on a home-grown product, such as a Sealy bed, goes back into the community through job creation and the purchase of raw products from other local businesses and service providers.”

Strydom continues to point out that locally-based manufacturers have a lower impact on the environment. Fossil fuels that are used to transport imported materials and goods are significant contributors to greenhouse gases and global warming. Manufacturing and buying materials locally sourced, equates to lower fossil fuel emissions.

In short, supporting South African manufacturers is good for the planet and socially responsible.

“As the nation begins to pick up the pieces following the Coronavirus crisis, buying locally manufactured products can help the economy withstand the downturn. Sealy South Africa uses locally sourced materials and employs thousands of South Africans, while at the same time having access to Sealy’s global knowledge base and world-class technology, to make beds of superb quality. We have created a culture which is passionate about South Africa and passionate about producing luxurious beds. Bravo Brands Sleep Products – creating employment one bed at a time,” concludes Strydom.

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