Posturematic Adjustable Foundation

Designed for exceptional support and accessibility, the Sealy Posturepedic Posturematic Adjustable power bases gives you a little something extra, especially for those looking at buying an adjustable bed in South Africa.

This range considers that everybody is unique, has different sleeping positions, finds comfort in varying ways. The Posturematic Accord and Odessa Adjustable Power Bases provide excellently for these differences, by allowing the user to adjust their position and angles at the press of a button. Comfort has never been this refined, or this simple.

Buying an Adjustable Bed in South Africa?

Take a look at the Sealy Posturematic Adjustable Power Base range, which includes the Accord or the Odessa, each of which is available in a range of sizes.

While the Accord stops at nothing to put comfort squarely in your control, the Odessa goes that extra mile with a vibrating massage function and USB ports.

Posturematic Accord Adjustable Power Base

You are unique, with positions of sleep, rest and relaxation that are yours alone. You need a sleep surface that can adjust to whatever makes you most comfortable.

The Accord Adjustable Power Base has all the features you need, whether it’s lying flat, sitting up, or a bit of both!

At the touch of a button on our handy remote control, you can quickly change position and even order up good vibrations to put yourself at ease.

Posturematic Odessa Adjustable Power Base

Most people have furniture that they either lie down on or sit up on. With Sealy’s Odessa adjustable bed you can have so much more choice, at the touch of a button.

A unique, wall-hugging design feature allows back travel up to 30.5cms, allowing the Odessa to adjust to almost any position you could desire!

Our vibration feature will massage and relax those tired aching muscles. You will be so comfortable you won’t want to move away from the bed, so we’ve also included accessible USB ports to help you stay connected.

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Are you interested in buying an adjustable bed in South Africa? Be sure to get into contact with a Sealy Posturepedic stockist today.

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