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Commitment to Sleep

Commitment to Sleep

You can’t feel your best if you don’t sleep your best, it’s that simple.  

And a comfortable bed doesn’t necessarily promise you the kind of sleep you need; you need a bed that gives your body the healthy support it needs to relax completely, freeing your muscles and spine from any tension, so you can rest and recharge. That’s why, at the core of every Sealy, under those plush comfort layers, is an orthpaedically designed support system.

Beds don’t last forever.

Even if it looks okay, it may not be giving you the support and comfort you need for a good night’s sleep, to wake up refreshed.

The real test is in how you feel when you’re out of bed, not when you’re in it.

A mattress’s lifespan is affected by several factors such as the quality, care and amount you use it (e.g. reading, watching TV and sleeping each night versus occasional use of a spare bed). Changes in lifestyle (marriage, new home) and in our bodies (losing or gaining weight, ageing, etc) can also necessitate a change of bed.

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the below, you may need a new bed.

  • Have you had your mattress more than seven years?
  • Do you wake up with stiffness and/or aches and pains?
  • Were you sleeping better a year ago than now?
  • Have you had a better night’s sleep in a bed other than yours?
  • Does your mattress show signs of visible wear and tear? Is it sagging, lumpy or uncomfortable?



Sealy have a selection of beds to choose from and there’s no perfect type of bed for a particular condition or situation (e.g. the ideal bed for a back pain sufferer). Although a good, quality bed will go a long way to easing your discomfort, you have to find a comfort that suits your personal preference.

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